PT. Carbon & Electric focuses on the manufacturing of electrical and mechanical spare parts made from predominantly carbon and graphite materials, together with the relevant metals and composite supporting parts.



PT. Carbon & Electric is a unique family-owned engineering company which specializes in carbon-graphite manufacturing business for both electrical and mechanical application, together with all the supporting parts made from metals and composites for various industrial machines. Right now, we employ ± 100 people which are distributed in our head office and factory in Surabaya, also in our branch office in Jakarta and Bandung.

Our products are carefully designed with a deep know-how by our well experienced engineers to deliver the highest quality and reliability to satisfy our valuable customers. Our engineering team also provides recommendations and technical consulting according to the needs of each customer to provide maximum services.

We strive to be the best carbon-graphite-based company in Indonesia to support every type of industries both locally and globally.



We serve a wide range of both state-owned and privately-owned industrial sectors, It is comprised of hydro and steam power plants, steel, cement, textile, paper, food, oil and gas, petrochemical, transportation industries, etc.


This company was first established on February 4th, 1963 under the name of PT. Indonesia Carbon, and it was only a home industry located on Jl. Bodri No. 7, Surabaya, Indonesia.

As time goes by, PT. Indonesia Carbon later changed its name to PT. Carbon & Electric in 1965. The location of the business was moved to Jl. Genteng, Surabaya by renting a store as a place of business as well as office.

In 1974, PT. Carbon & Electric built its own office and cutting plant on Jl. Raya Rungkut No. 30, Surabaya, and later on opened branch offices in Jakarta and Bandung.

Considering that the workshop building has been built since 1974, in circa 2010, the Board of Directors considered that it is necessary to totally renovate the old buildings in order to adapt to the rapidly growing needs of the industry. The construction of the new 4 storey building and the expansion of supporting facilities with a total area of 5818 m2 is expected to accommodate the needs of future infrastructure and production plant expansion for the next 30 years.

In the first phase development, PT. Carbon & Electric expanded the work area to accommodate the need for additional facilities and infrastructure to meet the standard requirements of our national and international customers. With the completion of the first phase of development, employees are now occupying new and ideal workspaces that significantly improve their working environment. Production area has also been fixed so that the production process can run in accordance with ISO standard.

Aside from the improvements in the building and infrastructures, as a company which engaged in the business of electrical and mechanical components with the main raw material from carbon and graphite, PT. Carbon & Electric also strives to grow its production sector. The development of carbon-graphite material and its equipments are very important to support the needs of rapidly grown industries in Indonesia and all around the world. For that reason, the main principle of PT. Carbon & Electric is to always enhance the quality and accuracy of its products in order to provide assurance for both large and small scale industries.

As a long established company, PT. Carbon & Electric continuously improve its management system that it is entitled to achieve ISO 9001: 2008 Certification from URS Independent Certification Institution (URS Certification) in February 2013, where then this certification is renewed by LRQA (Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance) in February 2016, and upgraded to ISO 9001: 2015 Certification in 2018.

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